Nung ethnic


I met the woman in the photo at the incredibly vibrant Hoang Su Phi Market. This meeting was a wonderful and light-hearted experience. Her friends found the whole idea of me taking her photo rather comical and soon we were all in stitches from laughing so uncontrollably. Definite- ly a memorable moment.
Later, while looking around, I noticed a sea of women wearing the traditional costume. It is said that women here wear twelve different colored trousers to match each month of the year. Their traditional costume is made up of a subtly designed jacket accessorized with silver buttons, jewelry and intricate embroidery. The silver they wear reportedly isn’t only for aesthetic reasons, but is also worn for the benefit of their health. Interestingly, they believe that silver is a thermometer that can measure epidemics. Each subgroup makes its costume with its own features but they all share the same indigo dyeing process.


968,800 (Census 2009) 7th largest group


Lang Son, Cao Bang, Bac Thai, Bac Giang, Ha Giang, Lao Cai


1700’s, it’s believed they migrated in waves from southern Guangxi and Yunnan