Hre ethnic


The H’Re live in social units of up to 100 families. I met the H’Re of the Quang Ngai province for the first time in 2013. Nobody I saw was wearing the traditional costume. It was only while I was driving back to Hoi An, that I came across this woman, on the side of the road, dressed in her tribal clothes.
I returned in 2016, specifically to explore the green surroundings of Ba To. There, I only found one village where a few local women are still making the dark indigo dress with the embroidered pattern. Although they currently work alone in their own homes, they expressed the wish to someday have a communal house that they could use as a workspace to gather as well as to pass on their knowledge. While exploring the different villages, I also had the feeling that very few foreigners have visited these places, and the children seemed a bit timid.


127,420 (Census 2009)


Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh Provinces, South of central coast Vietnam


One of the oldest tribes indigenous to the Truong Son – Tay Nguyen area