Ede ethnic


The Ede are organised in a matrilineal society. Their houses have a distinctive look with some reaching up to 100 metres long! Little by little, they are being replaced with concrete structures, resulting in the disappearance of their whole ancestral social system. Their unique culture is increasingly under the pressure from new lifestyles and nearby cities, but thanks to their coffee, which has become very popular, their living conditions are improving.
I met the Ede on several occasions, but I could never find their original costume, until my trip to the Buon Ma Thuot area, in October 2017. In most ethnic groups, the male costume is very simple, and enhances the sophistication and finesse of the female dress in comparison. But in the Ede ethnic group, the male costume is very elegant and is filled with subtle details. The bright red piece was traditionally reserved for high social ranking, while the common costume featured short sleeves. It is still produced today and is most commonly worn during festivals, and you can even find it in a few tourist shops!


331,194 (Census 2009)


Dak Lak, Phu Yen, Dak Nong, Khanh Hoa Provinces


Indigenous to Central Highlands region