Chu Ru ethnic


The Chu Ru are said to have links to the Cham group. This is evident in the style of their costume, which resembles an Indian sari. When I visited the Chu Ru in August 2016, I met this lovely lady who kindly invited me to her house, where she proudly posed in her costume and told me how strong their culture is.
The Chu Ru, who are also known for making rice wine and wine jars, are very artistic and musical. I was lucky to witness an 80-year-old man play his handmade musical instrument for his granddaughters. I had a good time with this group and could have spent a week with them! I’m proud to have a full costume, one of their musical instruments and a ring as part of my Chu Ru collection.
In 2020, I decided to fund a school for kids in this area in collaboration with the French NGO, Enfants du Vietnam. I believe education is a way to break the circle of poverty. In addition, as proven by the initiatives of other tribes, if the children wear their traditional costumes to school at least once a week they will be more likely to maintain cultural pride.


19,314 (Census 2009)


Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan Provinces in Central Highlands


Believed that they separated from the Cham when migrating to the mountains