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Kids from Buon Ma Thuot performance

In October 2017, Réhahn went back to Dak Lak , in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, to visit one of his most famous models and close friends, Kim Luan (H Cuc The). Réhahn first met Kim Luan, when he captured an image of her and a huge Indian Elephant back in 2014. He went back earlier this year, to buy her some new school supplies and to deliver a copy of his new book, about the M’nong’s cultural heritage. While he was there, a fan brought him to the villages foster home, where one-hundred-and-eighty children are cared for by only six nuns. The foster home teaches children how to farm fruit and veg, to make model houses and to weave bags and fabrics for money.
By chance, Réhahn visited the foster home during a party and was asked to stay for the festivities. He ate dinner with the children and they danced and sang and played many incredible instruments! Impressed by their talent and hospitality, Réhahn promised that if the children could make him a handmade replica of a Xo Dang house, he would take a group of them on a once in a lifetime trip to Hoi An.
On 1st – 3rd, December 2017, Réhahn brought thirty-five foster children to Hoi An. All thirty-five children, who originate from seven different ethnic groups; the Ede, J’Rai, Mnong, Xo Dang, Nung, Rengao, Hmong, visited Réhahn’s Precious Heritage Museum and him and his team were amazed by their reaction to the exhibition. Some of the kids actually ran up to the mannequins and started giving them hugs! One child even said “Look my mum!” as he embraced one of the traditionally dressed models. It was a truly heartwarming scene and the French photographer, Réhahn, was delighted to see them take such pride in their own ethnic cultures. On their second day they visited the beach for the very first time in their lives! The group of youngsters had sand and water fights for hours at one of Vietnam’s most famous and beautiful beaches, located 5km out of Hoi An, and one little girl even said that coming to the beach in Hoi An was like living a dream! At the end of their trip, Réhahn gave the kids two of his art photography books Vietnam; Mosaic of Contrasts and a photograph, to keep as a memory of their trip.