Co Tu Museum

The Co Tu Museum, opened in 2019, is the first museum in Vietnam that is 100% dedicated to one single tribe. It will act as both a community center for tribal gatherings as well as a place to preserve artifacts and important cultural history.

Though the public is also welcome to visit this free museum, it is truly a gift to the Co Tu people. The museum, located in Tay Giang district along the Mekong river, has been as a traditional Guol house, as a traditional Guol house, , or Co Tu community center.

Here the group will be able to preserve valuable artefacts and objects important for the preservation of their heritage. The center will also serve as a gathering point for Co Tu festivals.

The concept for this museum actually came from Mr. Doi, the Chief of a Co Tu village, who expressed to Réhahn his fears about their tribal culture not being passed on to the next generation.

“When we pass away, who will tell the young people about our ancient traditions?” Mr. Doi asked.

Réhahn was able to fund the museum in full thanks to the sales of his fine art photography and books. As the culture changes it is important to find a way to preserve it despite the challenges.

Mr Doi, chief of Co Tu village