About Réhahn


Referred to as someone that “captures the souls of his models”, Rehahn is a photographer by default. It’s his love of diversity and passion for culture that draws him to the camera.
His unique combination of Fine Art Photography and Documentary styles result in striking images that both inform and mesmerize.

While certainly talented, it’s not simply techniques that grab you but instead the authenticity of the moment you’ve been invited to.He is particularly known for his portraits of Vietnam, Cuba and India.

Growing up believing that travel was out of reach, he never set out to be globetrotter or photographer. It was by saying “yes” to opportunities that his world was opened beyond Normandy, France. He visited over 35 countries before making Hoi An, Vietnam his home in 2011. His travels continue in pursuit of his passions.


While journeying to the northern hill regions and continuing south, he was introduced to the various tribes. As a handful are known through tourism brochures, he was surprised to find that there are 54 ethnic groups, many with little to no public knowledge about them.
Even of further concern, the younger generation has lost interest for the ways of their grandparents, laying the path for a bleak future.

Witnessing firsthand the complex diversity and fragility of these groups, he became determined to document and share the cultural heritage of each group. Having now met 49 of the 54 ethnic groups, he continues his mission to meet each one while spreading awareness and preservation.


As he continues to meet new tribes, it’s important to understand that this project isn’t about recording facts and figures. It is about preserving a living history by allowing it to be noticed and instill pride for future generations.

Each trip is a journey into generational wisdom and the value of heritage. These groups, with their exceptionally contrasting cultures, share their stories, traditions, artisan skills and smiles with him. Rehahn walks in as a stranger and walks away as family.

He continues to be in awe of the way they have thrived in keeping their past alive and grateful of their willingness to welcome him into their daily lives.
The Precious Heritage collection is about bringing to light the value that these societies bring us in our modern age. It’s time to replace your past images of Vietnam with a new vibrancy that most never knew existed.
Consisting of over 100 photographs and 62 traditional wardrobe ensembles, the collection spans through 5 rooms and 500sqm in a museum set in the UNESCO part of Hoi An, Vietnam.


It’s impossible to do this work without investing time to build strong and authentic relationships with the people he meets, many of whom he calls “mom” or “grandma”.

And just like family, everyone contributes. It is in vein that the Giving Back Project was born.
Working with individual families and entire communities, Rehahn works to provide specific needs and requests of the tribes. This can range from bicycles and cows, to boats and health expenses.
It is the result of this work that fuels the passion dedication to continue and completes the circle of giving.


One of the most featured photographers in the last 4 years, he has amassed a loyal following in a short span of time. Known to interact with his fans regularly, you can often find him personally showing patrons around his museum, signing books, and taking photos.
In addition to the museum, he has two galleries: Couleurs d’Asie, also in Hoi An and Couleurs d’Asie in Saigon.

Over International Women’s day in 2016, his portrait of Madam Xong was placed in the permanent collection at the Hanoi Women’s museum. Acknowledged through a media conference, it resulted in over 80 articles and 10 television interviews.

His first book “Mosaic of Contrasts” continues to be a best seller since 2014. He has since published Vietnam Mosaic of Contract Vol 2 and The Collection, 10 years of photography

He has been numerously featured in international media such as BBC, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, Business Insider, The Independent, Foto Digital, Travel Live, Conde Nast Traveler, Elle Paris Match, Marie-Claire, Esquire, Geo, Forbes, totaling more than 500 articles and interviews and over 50 television appearances.

Just recently he had the honor of his portrait “Madam Xong ” gifted in an official ceremony between French President Emmanuel Macron and Vietnam’s Secretary of the Party, Nguyen Phu Trong celebrating 45 years of friendship between the two countries.

Rehahn continues to be grateful and humble for all the support and encouragement from both fans and the local people he connects with.


TO SEE MORE: www.rehahnphotographer.com