“The most efficient way to preserve their tribal culture is to value it outside of their community, to create a sense of pride for their heritage and ancient customs”

The Mission

Capturing images and documenting the stories of different cultures has started steering Réhahn photographic mission. After meeting many different Vietnamese cultures, and most recently one of the smallest left in the country, he was left with a desperate yearning to document all of them. People seem to be unaware of how fast the numbers of the ethnic groups are dwindling around them. It’s as if a part of cultural history is going to sleep forever and no one seems to be doing anything to wake it up.

  • “What impressed me the most about Réhahn’s museum is the story behind each photograph. I feel a strong connection with the ethnic people featured in his museum and I believe that many other visitors will share this feeling. I love seeing the pride on the faces of his models as they showcase their beautiful hand crafted costumes and I truly appreciate the efforts of Rehahn and his team, for giving us the opportunity to cherish and acknowledge the warmth and beauty of the ethnic community in Vietnam.” Ms. Huong -  Unesco Vietnam
    Unesco Vietnam
  • “The Precious Heritage Collection, by Rehahn, brings visitors to a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the extraordinary beauty of the diverse ethnic community in Vietnam. With his lense, Rehahn successfully captures and showcases the natural warmth and beauty of Vietnamese people in their traditional costumes.” Assoc.Prof.Vo Quang Trong Director of Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
    Director of Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
  • “There are some great museums in Southern Vietnam and in the North we have the Museum of Ethnology and the Women's Museum. In the center, Rehahn has done an incredible job, setting up his Precious Heritage Museum which aims to preserve and share the ethnic culture of Vietnam. I am amazed that a foreigner is so passionate and successful in capturing the diverse beauty of this country”. Mr. Tran Tan Vinh - Ethnologist
  • “What a coincidence that 79 years ago, Le Pichon - a Frenchman, wrote a book about Co Tu ethnic group and today we have Rehahn - also a Frenchman, who is trying to preserve the culture of Co Tu people. I have witnessed first-hand how hard this man has worked and how passionate he is about capturing images of the ethnic communities in Vietnam. He once spent two days taking photographs of Co Tu villagers for his museum and even attempted to go see the Co Tu community in Laos, before having a terrible accident on the road. Luckily, he is still with us, and he is just as passionate about continuing his incredibly meaningful project. When I first met Rehahn, I donated one of our costumes to his museum. Since then, I have seen how the French photographer is helping ethnic communities by trying to preserve a part of their cultural heritage. The Co Tu festival, which was held at his Precious Heritage Museum in Hoi an, gave us an opportunity to showcase our traditional culture and to feel pride and happiness in who we are. Rehahn is a brother to me now and together we are trying to encourage members of the Co Tu community to continue making their traditional costume and are trying to restore our written language” Mr.BriuLiec - Chief of the Cotu ethnic village in Tay Giang
    Chief of the Cotu ethnic village in Tay Giang
  • “It was an honor to meet Rehahn. He has a strong interest in the ethnic groups of Vietnam and I appreciate his passion for researching and capturing our traditional culture. As a native Vietnamese, whose job is to preserve ethnic culture by collecting various artifacts, I admire what Rehahn has done and want to learn more about his Precious Heritage Collection. My visit to his Precious Heritage Museum was amazing and what's even better is that it's free! I think the museum is a great way to introduce ethnic culture to tourists and feel that this is something that should be supported by the department of culture. Rehahn has encouraged and sponsored ethnic performances and events in Hoi An and has even given us a beautiful selection of photographs for our museum. For this I am eternally grateful”. Mr. Truong Quang Pho - Director of the Culture department of Bac Tra My district
    The Director of the culture department in Bac Tra My
  • “ Although Réhahn visits the Co Tu people often, this is is the first time that I have visited the Precious Heritage Museum. I am so happy when I see the giant images of the Co Tu in their traditional dress. It has inspired me to give Réhahn some traditional Co Tu tools to display at his museum and I think that together we can continue celebrating and promoting our culture. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful that Réhahn has worked so hard and has spent so much of his time and money exploring the ethnic communities in this country. He has helped us share our culture with the rest of the world and has introduced our rich culture to visitors and tourists. I hope that they will come and visit us! ” Mr. A Lăng Đợi - Chief of the Co Tu village in Prao - Dong Giang
    Chief of the Co Tu village in Prao